Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trip #1 to Benezett, PA

This links to my Benezett, PA images!!!!!!!!


  1. Steve,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your positive comments.

    I really enjoyed shooting, and discussing equipment with you and the rest of the guys. I also like your photos very much and plan to visit your blog on a regular basis.

    The hummingbird shot is exceptional!

  2. Steve, it was great meeting you. Last week was pretty special getting to shoot with you, Willard and Buckwheat. Those two are great photographers and filled with so much knowledge. I learned things and enjoyed the great outdoors and company, it is just to bad it had to end.

    You will never believe this but I got into and Elk fight Saturday morning. In the woods to the left of the steam shovel close to the spot you entered to photograph the elk lying down. I only shot video, the best is to large for the web but I got some shorter ones to post. It really did happen, no kidding this time.

    After seeing the hummingbird photo now I know why you talked about it, the image is fantastic, I would be proud of it also.

    I hope we get to shoot together again sometime, it was hours of fun.

    I will drop you a message soon with the CS3 trick I was telling you about. I just need to get caught up with things now.

    Take care and happy shooting, Brad

  3. Amazing photos! Do you know which bull is the one with the collar with the number missing?

  4. I will post a pic soon of the elk with number missing soon.